Special Offer!

Hi, I'm Mahtab.

Only till end of May 2021 you can join this special offer:

3 Online Programs with lifetime access: Complete Belly Dance Course, Isolations and Layers Program, 15 Minutes Workout


videos from previous Oriental Dance Marathons (access for 3 months to 17,5 hours of workshops with technique and choreography: Baladi, Classic Oriental, Drum Solo, Melaya Leff, Modern Oriental, Drum Solo, Saidi with Assaya, Golden Era of Oriental Dance, Dance with Veil).

for 49$

Join till end of May and get access to:

1. Complete Belly Dance Course (lifetime access)

2. 15 Minutes Workout (lifetime access)

3. Isolations and Layers Program (lifetime access)

4.  Videos from three Marathons: 9 choreographies, 17,5 hours of workshops! (access for 3 months)


In this full course you will find more than 77 belly dance moves divided into 5 parts. For beginners and advanced!

If you already know basics of oriental dance, try this workout. You will have access to 5 workouts with 25 exercises.

With this program you will get your technique level up! Lot of shimmy, chest and hip moves.

Videos from 3 previous Marathons, 17,5 hours of workshops! 3 folk choreographies, 3 classic choreographies and 3 belly dance show choreographies!

How it works?

1. Make a purchase by sending 'I want to join Special Offer' at info@bestbellydanceworkout.com or in direct message on Facebook

2. Send by PayPal 49$ at https://www.paypal.me/BBDWmahtab

3. After the payment will be posted, you will get access to your personal account with 3 online programs with lifetime access: Complete Belly Dance Course, 15 Minutes Workout and Isolations and Layers Program

4. You will get email with link and password to three Oriental Dance Marathons (17,5 hours of workshops!!!) - access will be active for 3 months

5. Enjoy belly dancing at your home 🙂

* Here you can learn one of the choreographies from the First Oriental Dance Marathon: *

Drum Solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkKEWNhLndM

You can start to dance at your home, right now!

Any questions? Feel free to write to me: info@bestbellydanceworkout.com