Cyber Monday 2020!

Hi, I'm Mahtab.

Are you ready for the Cyber Monday?

Best Belly Dance Workout is super ready 🙂

I have for you discount for 4 online courses!

- 40%

Make a purchase on Sunday 29 XI or Monday 30 XI and get 40% discount for 4 courses!

Instead of 86$ (3 online programs for 36$ and Highlights for 50$) you pay 50$ for:

1. Complete Belly Dance Course

2. 15 Minutes Workout

3. Isolations and Layers Program

4. Highlights of Belly Dance


Complete Belly Dance Course

In this full course you will find more than 77 belly dance moves divided into 5 parts. For beginners and advanced!

15 Minutes Workout

If you already know basics of oriental dance, try this workout. You will have access to 5 workouts with 25 exercises.

Isolations and Layers Program

With this program you will get your technique level up! Lot of shimmy, chest and hip moves.

Highlights of Belly Dance

10 hours of complete belly dance lessons, 10 amazing topics and my Belly Dance Coaching! Learn Fundamentals of Oriental Dance.

How it works?

1. Make a purchase on 29 XI or 30 XI 2020 by sending email at info@bestbellydanceworkout.com

2. Send by PayPal 50$ at https://www.paypal.me/BBDWmahtab

3. After the payment will be posted, you will get instant access to 3 online programs with lifetime access: Complete Belly Dance Course, 15 Minutes Workout and Isolations and Layers Program

4. You will join new grup in January 2021 that will start Highlights of Belly Dance 10 week Course

5. Enjoy belly dancing at your home 🙂

Learn more about online courses:

Complete Belly Dance Course
15 Minutes Workout
Isolations and Layers
Highlights of Belly Dance

You can start to dance at your home, right now!

Any questions? Feel free to write to me: info@bestbellydanceworkout.com